Hi Guys,

I came across a picture today regarding hearing rumours in a relationship.

First off, I have dealt with this in my own relationship and I can safely say that we are still together after 7 years even though others tried to write us off.

But back to my original point, the picture i saw made a valid point…do you listen to a rumour from a guy who is more than likely jealous and wants to be with your girl? Do you listen to a rumour from a girl who wants your guy for themselves or just jealous of who you are? If you answered yes to any of those questions – you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship!

Why? Because if you trust the person you are with, other people’s stories, opinions and nastiness wouldn’t matter! It may be hard to ignore but if you don’t and end up taking your frustrations out on your partner for something they haven’t done, your relationship will more than likely end up down the toilet

The rumours I’ve heard since being with my partner range from – “she’s only out to get what she wants from you” to somebody telling her HUSBAND that my boyfriend had been sending her naked photos, wanting to runaway with her and that she was expecting his baby….unfortunately for her I trust my boyfriend implicitly and know him to well to believe anything else of him (it all turned out to be lies in the end and she is still with her husband – although we are no longer friends with either of them)

What do you guys think? Do you believe rumours? Or do you think I’m being to harsh?

Leave any comments below.