Hi Guys,

Let me explain today’s topic….I am 25, been with my boyfriend 7 years, I have made the decision to not have any children – a big decision I know but one I am totally proud of making.

I have no maternal instinct, no warm fuzziness when i hold my nephew who is 1 year old and I don’t get any longing for children to be a part of my life.

A lot of people don’t understand my decision to not have children and that’s ok because it is my decision. What I don’t appreciate is when people tell me that I won’t know and understand true love unless I have a child, nor will i feel fulfilled without one. My brother was actually one of these people and I felt shocked and upset that I had been judged this way by family…

But does that mean that what my boyfriend and I have isn’t anymore important than the love of a parent to a child? Is our love inconsequential? Do we need to have children to be considered ‘normal’?

If i were to fall pregnant, I am not saying I would abort it (as I am completely against abortion except in certain circumstances), but if I were to choose then I would prefer not to – but as we all know things can happen.

My Mum and Dad both respect my decision although they are upset as I am their only daughter but they get it and for that I’m grateful to them.

Does anybody else feel this way? Do you feel judged by your decision? Let me know!

Until next time guys, take care!

Vicki aka Tweety:)