Hi Guys,

So just before my birthday I had a massive falling out with one of my friends. We have drifted apart a lot over the past year and it all came to a head around my birthday. I had arranged a day out with all the important people in my life and hadn’t decided where to go until 3 days before as a lot of things had been going on in my life (although the date was booked in for 6 months), I let everybody know the details as soon as it was finalised but this ‘friend’ said I had left it to late to tell them and that they had other things to do that day.  I was told I was selfish and immature and that I never made the effort (which is not the case!)

I know people change as they get older, and they make new friends and meet new people in their walk of life but when does that begin to affect your existing friendships? I have a new job but keep in touch with a girl who I met at my first full time employment  (and we don’t see each other from one month to the next) and it is like we have never been apart whenever we see each other.

We all develop new interests, meet our partners and settle down at different times and how do you keep friendships going as this happens?

I don’t tend to hold grudges as a person and I decided I’d had enough of flaky people (those that make plans but bail last minute, those that have to consult their partners before they can do anything etc.), I have people in my life I very rarely see but they are the ones I can count on in times of trouble or crisis and I am there for them when they need me.

How do you guys feel about flaky people? Do you continue with the friendship just because you think it’s the right thing to do? Or do you cut them off because your life is more important?