Hey guys,

So, like so many girls, I have had body issues (*shock horror*), it is not something to be ashamed of, nor should it be frowned upon.

For me, being a girl isn’t easy and I am sure I will have many more moments like this. I find it hard because I am shortnon-curvy, and pretty darn average. Now I am sure that there is a few of you reading this and thinking “We all think that at times” but when does it start to become a problem? When does it start to affect your very being?

I sometimes look in a mirror and see a child looking back, but I am not a child although it is how I am viewed a lot of the time. I am the shortest in my entire family and whilst the jibes and jokes don’t affect me at home, out on the street is where I become more aware of it. More aware that I am not like other people, not as pretty as the other girls and my hair isn’t perfect and that 6, 7, even 8 year olds are almost as tall as me. It is not easy but I get on with it as best I can.

The Other Side

On the flip side, I also see girls who aren’t bothered about showing their body (bikini shots, topless shots etc.), whilst I have no problem with this per se, I have a problem when they tear themselves down just to get built back up again on Social Media for everyone to see i.e. “I’m so Fat” just so loads of people comment to say “No you’re not”. The other issue I have with girls like this, is when they continuously question why they either don’t have a guy in their life or why they can’t get a guy to stick around. Does anybody else notice this or is it just me?

I completely get that it may not have anything to do with the pictures they post, they may be complete psychosmean, possessive (you get my drift here) but I do think a lot of it is how you portray yourself and how you view yourself. If you view yourself in a negative way, other people will look at you in a negative way and so the circle continues, guys will not date girls who think nothing of posting naked/topless photos on Social Media because if you have no respect for yourself (as you strip off for everyone to see) then how are they supposed to respect you?

You cannot hope to love somebody until you can love yourself! 

 I never used to believe in this line, but as I have been in a relationship for 7 years now, I have realised that it is true. I will continue to grow as a person, and more than likely have days where I am completely run down about how I look, but I am learning to love myself and in turn learning how to be a better partner.

Girls, we have the power to change our lives!

We tear each other down, we slag each other off and there is no reason for it. If you can do one thing over the next few days,compliment someone, whether it be about their hair, or a top they are wearing, or how pretty they look. Make a woman smile and make them feel good about themselves. Without women empowering each other, we will only destroy each other and what good is that?! Help your best friend embrace the body she has, help a relative see what you see, smile at a stranger and hopefully they will pay the action forward and realise that we are beautiful and that we are amazing and we can all love ourselves and each other!!!