Hey Guys

Today i thought i would do something a bit different. I decided to write a page on my best friend!

We have been friends for 5 years now and I couldn’t imagine a better Best Friend to have. We laugh together, chill together, take the mick out of each other and to be honest she’s bloody amazing!

Trying to put into words how much this girl has helped me through so many things is difficult…Do you guys feel the same when trying to describe what makes your best friend, your best friend?

Lolly, through everything you have had my back, you have cracked me up beyond words and supported me through so many things.

I am so glad that you walked into my life and never left.

Just remember, you are amazing and beautiful and anyone in this world would be lucky to have met you and have you in their life, I know because I am one of these lucky few.

So here’s to you Wifey! Don’t go changing who you are to try and please other people because those people don’t matter!

Love ya chick xx