Hey guys,

So lets start off by saying this, I am only 5ft tall with a shoe size of 2.5 and this can be a huge challenge. All of the points raised in the picture above are valid to me and this poses a huge problem!

My least favourite thing about being short, is buying clothes ! Now, as a normal 25 year old woman I love to shop! However, stepping into shops with their beautiful clothes and thinking how amazing I would like in a particular outfit or style, only to realise that it will never fit 😦

Then you have the petite section, the section where I am supposed to find a pair of trousers to fit my miniature legs (as it caters for women under 5ft 3!)….not the case! Everything is still too long, like it is catered for the taller end of the short scale (small mercies right?) What do I know??

Shoes…I love shoes, but not when I can’t wear strappy sandals, or peep toe shoes…why can’t I wear these? Mainly because nowhere stocks 1/2 size shoes, and if they do they are in the childrens section  – so no heels there then! I can always buy a size 3, but then I have to wear insoles and they can be unsightly, or they can make the shoes too tight! So i usually go for a wedge, or a boot heel, just to end the suffering of never finding a nice strappy heel 😦 Life’s so unfair!

I find it a bit strange that petite clothing – meant for short people – is modeled on those that are of 5ft 9 and above height! How is that even appropriate to the people you are supposedly catering for? Petite models themselves are only selected to do catalogue work and are usually of around 5ft 3….is that fair?

Does anybody else find this strange or is it just me? Why do we not have models of all shapes and sizes? Why is it only the select few who can be viewed as ‘perfect’ in the eyes of the modelling industry?

Let me know your thoughts people.

Love always