Hi guys,

So today I had a panic attack, I don’t get them often but when I do I feel like I am going to die! It may seem dramatic or over the top but I promise you it is no joke.

My first happened at the age of 13, I had been in my first (and only) fight at school (more like I had been punched and pushed around a bit) and I straight up panicked! Like I literally could not get enough air into my lungs and because I couldn’t breathe, I panicked even more and so the more I panicked the more my breathing suffered and so the cycle goes.

I get them for any number of reasons, if I’m travelling by train (I can see how many people are standing and it freaks me out (but only if I’m standing to!)), the lift is too packed , I’m having an argument with someone or I’ve done something wrong and I’m worried about the outcome.

Whilst I understand that many people will never have panic attacks, many people do suffer with them every day. They can stop people from even leaving their home through fear of having one and that is not right!

Living with panic attacks sucks! They tire you out, make you a big ugly mess (at least in my case they do) and everyone looks at you like you’ve lost the plot! So I try to stop my panic attacks now before they start. Here are a few of my coping mechanisms.

  1. Try focusing on slowing my breathing down count to 5 for each breath in and out
  2. Envision the seas waves and make my breathing match the tide
  3. Close me eyes and just focus on breathing.

I hope my tips are helpful and if you have any other tips that you can share, please leave a comment below.

Love always