Hi Guys,

I, along with most of the world’s population, am obsessed with Harry Potter. Not the merchandise side as much, (although I have got certain items which I love!) but the books and the movies.

I have read the books countless times over the years and always find new things or understand a part of the story differently to the last time I read them.

The films are another branch of this magical story, I try to treat them as two separate entities though, as the films miss out so much of the heart of the books. I must admit, I do watch them whenever they are on the tv – much to the annoyance of everyone else.

I have done the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore (www.pottermore.com) and was sorted into Hufflepuff (totally love my house!) 98d54db05224f5b6d69325ed9fe8f4a2I have also taken the test to find out what my Patronus Charm is, a ragdoll cat! (Perfect for me as I have three cats).

I have been to the Studio Tour and fell in love all over again with the magic behind the scenes and the model of Hogwarts was just breathtaking! I’m already planning to go back and see it covered in snow!

Harry Potter to me, encompasses all of the tribulations and challenges of our teenage years (although none of us will face off with He Who Must Not Be Named!) It shows that in every truly dark moment of our life, there will always be something positive around the corner. That we will all go through the teenage angst of anger, jealousy and falling out with friends and that we will all come out the other side.

Harry Potter has got me through so many things, breakups, deaths and being bullied and I could never thank J.K Rowling enough for bringing the Boy Who Lived into my life. I know I can always pick up Harry Potter and Hogwarts will be there to welcome me back!