I stumbled across a 52 week challenge blog post the other day and I thought it was a great idea! So every Wednesday I will be taking part in the challenge. If you want to get involved all you have to do, is download the picture above and link it back to Jenny and Britt so they can read it to! It’s as easy as that!

So Week 1 is meeting my best friend, and I know I have already done a blog post on my best friend but this post is different to that one, so here it goes.


Where/how did you meet?
Laura and I met at work in 2011, working in a Barristers Chambers. We have similar interests and we’re similar in age. We first met on the day of my interview and I remember her telling me that she worked in a room of 11 men (out of 15 members of staff – and yes it was as bad as it sounds haha!) We clicked right away and have been friends ever since.

Do you have a favourite memory?
I remember we sat in the pub after work one day (I think it was Christmas Eve) and we made calls to work…or sitting in the staff room dancing at lunch…there’s been too many to count! I always try to cut her off when I think she’s had enough to drink and she always tells me she hates me lol.

Have you travelled anywhere together?
No – we need to get on this!

What is she like as a person?
Laura is the most amazing person in the world. She’ll cry with you if she sees that you’re upset. Laura will tell you exactly what needs to be said, she won’t sugarcoat it just because you’re her friend! We may not speak everyday or see each other from one month to the next (it’s like we’ve never been apart when we do meet though!) I know I can call her day or night – although she probably won’t appreciate me waking her up! I know she will be there no matter what!

What is the funniest moment of your friendship?
Hmm there’s been a fair few moments. Rap offs, dance offs, getting a fit of the giggles and not remembering what we were laughing about.

Lolly this is to you – through almost 6 years you have been there for me! You get me in a way nobody else does and we now communicate mainly through memes (which totally evaluate our friendship). We’ve been through some testing times, sad times but we’ve had some bloody good times and we’ve always had each other’s backs!

So here’s to us girl! Love ya lots! xxx

A few memories to look back on