Hey Guys, it’s been a busy week for me but glad it’s almost Friday 🙂

So I’m back again with Britt and Jenny for week three of my 52 week blog challenge! If you want to take part, all you need to do is 1. Post the picture below and 2. Link both of their blogs in your post 🙂


So let me introduce you to my nutty family 🙂


My Aunt Sue, My brother Chris (blue shirt), me and my eldest brother Matt


My Granddads who are sadly no longer with me 😦

My Mum and Dad who have been married for 35 years this year!

We’re all a little bit crazy…my maternal granddad hated losing at board games. Sadly I don’t have any memories of my paternal grandfather as he passed away when I was 5.

My brothers are cool, well for brothers I suppose (jk) and my Mum and Dad are the best!

Until next time guys.

Love always xx