Hey Guys,
So I realised that I completely zoned out on Week 5, so I will be posting twice tonight to make up for it! (Sorry!)

So as usual I am with Jenny and Britt and if you would like to take part all you have to do is 1. Copy the picture below and 2.  Link it back to Jenny and Britt so they can read it to 🙂


So let’s talk about my Favourite Holiday which is ages away as we are only in February but this is it…this is where its’s at….





I love New Year, seeing in the next phase with the people I love.

I always get emotional at New Year, thinking about the year that’s just gone and the year that has just begun.

I love the essence of New Year, those out celebrating and ringing it in with fireworks and laughter. New Year is a time to forget about all the rubbish that went on in the previous year and a time to forgive yourself for any mistakes.

Does anyone else feel this way about New Years? Do any of you set New Years Resolutions? I know I don’t…I never stick to them and I always find that I set really stupid goals haha.

Tell me all about your favourite holiday, leave a comment 🙂

Love always xx