Hi Guys

So as promised this is my second post as I missed week 5 last week (bad blogger!)…I am so glad it is almost Friday and the weekend is here. Looking forward to treating my car to a well deserved clean this week. Hope you have all had a good week though!

So as usual, I’m with Britt and Jenny 🙂 and if you’ve been following then you will know the drill by now, however if you are new and want to get started then all you need to do is: 1. Copy the picture below and 2. Link Britt and Jenny’s blogs so they can read it to (it really is that simple).


So anyway on to today’s topic…..10 years from now…..It will be 2027 and I will be fast approaching 37not far off of 40! – God that’s a scary thought!

Firstly, I’d like to be in a nice house with the love of my life – although house prices in the UK are crazy ridiculous and something like this could set us back like £450,000!


Secondly, I’d like to be doing the job I love, qualifications under my belt and super happy with where I’m at.

Thirdly, I’d like to have carried on with my kickboxing and within the next 10 years have reached a black belt! (Hopefully sooner than 10 years mind you!)


So, what are your hopes and dreams for the next 10 years?

Until next time guys, love always xx