Hey Guys,

How are you all? I hope you’ve all had a good week 🙂 I’ve been super busy at work…but I managed to treat Rosie (my car) to a good clean at the weekend and now we’re almost at this weekend…WAHOO!

So as this is week 7 you all know what to do but to recap 1. Post the picture below and 2. Link it back to Jenny and Britt so they can read to 🙂

So I had the greatest childhood, my Mum and Dad were the best, even though my mum had health problems throughout the years due to her arthritis.

1. We went to Australia for a month when I was 3 to visit family and saw the world’s largest rocking horse at Gumeracha, and you can climb it! We stayed in Adelaide and as far as I can remember (which isn’t much) we had a great time! 

2. I used to absolutely love STEPS, they formed when I was 7, I knew all the dance routines to their songs, I met them in London at a book signing and I got to see them live at Wembley Arena twice. They were my favourite group and I was devastated when they split up!

3. I had Teeny Weeny families, they were these little animals that lived and worked in every day objects i.e. a grandfather clock was a hotel and a boot was a school etc. I used to love sitting in my room, creating little stories, moving the little characters about and generally having fun. 

I wasn’t into dolls, but I remember sitting in a room with my first ever Barbie doll and a plastic box, and I started wacking the doll against the box until her head fell off (whoops!) lol. I think it was partly due to having older brothers that I wasn’t much of a girly girl, they nicked my bike and wrecked my toys but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next week guys, that was week 7, love always xx