Hi Guys,

So I’m 4 days late in posting this week, I’ve not had a great week health wise…running around to lots of different places and it still hasn’t been dealt with, but I really hope you guys have had a fantastic week!!

So as usual I am here with Britt and Jenny and for you to take part, all you need to do is 1. Post the picture below and 2. Link it back to the wonderful ladies above – it really is that simple.

So on to today’s topic, an unforgettable day for me.

It was 22 November 2013, my thirteenth birthday, I was up early as England were playing Australia in the Rugby World Cup Final at 7am (it was 7pm Aus time), there was me, my Mum, my Dad and my Brothers, all sitting in the living room ready and waiting.

I’d had a tough year leading up to my 13th birthday due to my illness (Von Willebrand’s Disease) and had lost loads of weight and was generally unwell. However, this birthday was going to be one of my best! I had received a signed Alan Smith photo from my parents (I am obsessed with this man!) The only footballer I have ever liked.

As we sat watching the World Cup Final, and getting more and more nervous as the game went on, Elton Flatley got Australia to a 14-8 lead in the 61st minute and Jonny Wilkinson had made two unsuccesful drop goal attempts, it was still all to play for. We then headed in to extra time after we drew level on 14-14 after 80 minutes (nerves at this point were sky high!), we then reached 17-17 and there was only 26 seconds on the clock after which we would go to a penalty kick shootout…but Jonny Wilkinson was passed the ball by Matt Dawson for his third go at a drop goal – only this time Wilko hit it over to secure 3 points and to get England their first World Cup win!

It turned out to be the greatest birthday ever, yes I cried after that kick went over and I will never be ashamed to admit it! It was one of the best games I have ever watched!

What would be an unforgettable day in your life? What memory will stay with you forever?

Love always guys xx