Hey Guys,

As promised, this is my second post today to make up for my complete lack of brainpower last week. I took my mum to see Olly Murs last Thursday at the O2 for her birthday; she completely loved it (as did I!). We also have my nephew staying with us until Wednesday this week :), so I’m enjoying spending some time with him!

So on to the post, as you should all know by now, I have been taking part in Jenny and Britt’s 52 week blog challenge and if you would like to take part all you need to do is 1. Copy the picture below and 2. Link it back to the fabulous ladies above so they can read it to….simple!

If I won a million pounds…what would I do with it?

  1. I’d buy myself a nice house – nothing too expensive or fancy, just somewhere to call my own I think.
  2. A few cats – Maine Coons to be precise. They are adorable, fluffy and so affectionate!
  3. Buy myself a Nissan Juke Nismo RS – the sports version of the Juke with its bucket seats and its mean exterior
  4. A spa weekend for the girls! – I don’t have a lot of girlfriends so it’d be nice to do something with the girls I do have.
  5. Give some to my mum and dad – they have always been there for me so it would be a way of paying them back.

How would you spend a million pounds if you had it? Leave a comment below 🙂

Love always xx