Hi Guys,

Sorry I’m late in posting again…my head has been all over the place for the last couple of weeks, Birthdays, Mother’s day and my kickboxing grading as well…so I’ve been rather busy, but better late than never! I realise I owe you two weeks so this is going to be two posts today and then my normal post on Wednesday.

So as usual I am with Britt and Jenny and if you would like to take part all you need to do is 1. copy the picture below and 2. Link it back to the ladies above so they can read to!

So My Biggest Pet Peeve is people not having the courtesy to say please or thank you, or not using their manners in general! I mean come on, how many of us on a daily basis hold a door open for someone only for them not to say thank you?

Or you pull in to a gap whilst driving to allow another driver to continue on their journey, only for them to not even acknowledge that you have done so. It really gets on my nerves, it just shows a total lack of respect to other people.

Older generations have this thing of moaning about the younger generation yet are one of the worst at not using their manners.

I used to work in retail and the amount of people that would ask for cigarettes or alcohol without saying please and just saying “give me 10” or “a bottle of blah”….it used to really get on my nerves but I would stay professional and continue to use my manners because that’s how I was raised.

So what are your biggest pet peeves? Tell me all about them by leaving a comment 🙂

Love always xx