Hey Guys,

So just a little update before getting on to today’s post, I passed my last grading so I am now a 5th grade blue belt and it was my highest percentage score, 73% out of 100% 🙂 I have a few things to work on and tweak though but it’s all slowly starting to come together now.

So on to today’s post, if you’d like to take part then 1. Copy the picture below and 2.  Tag it back to Jenny and Britt so they can read it to!

So on to Week 11 and the Music of My Heart.

There are loads of people I enjoy listening to when it comes to music. I have a very eclectic taste as well so I listen to all types from Linkin Park to Ed Sheeran.

This post is really hard for me to write because I have so many artists that I enjoy listening to for a variety of reasons…so I’m going to have to write about a few different artists.

First of all, I love The Script, their lyrics speak to me, whether it’s a breakup or you’re in love with someone. I’ve seen them live twice and they’re so good! 

My next artist is Olly Murs, I’ve seen him live 3 times and he puts on such a great show. He has stayed humble and never acts like he’s a massive artist. He speaks a lot of truths in his music and I can relate to a lot of it.

Lastly, The Overtones, I’ve done a post on them previously where i reviewed their Christmas tour…The Overtones are a male harmony group from 4 different parts of the UK and one from Australia…they have done great covers of songs and most recently they did a version of Beauty and the Beast (which to me sounds better than John Legend and Ariana Grande’s version)…I love the way they have started to taken on modern songs as well…they recently did a cover of Stormzy’s Blinded By Your Grace

That’s all for today’s topic guys 😀

Love always xx