Hey guys, 

So I enquired about a course at work this week and it looks like they are going to let me do it which is amazing and I’m so looking forward to studying again.

This week’s post is all about Social Media Phenomenon, I wasnt sure what to write so I went with this….

Social Media does the exact opposite of what it is meant for. How many of us check our Social Media at work, when we’re out with friends or when we are having a meal?

I’ll admit that I am also guilty of checking my social media far too much…however, we are all so busy wrapped up in our phones and tablets etc. that we have stopped actually communicating with each other face to face.

We block people who upset us, post indirect messages to let people know we are mad without actually mentioning names or talking to them…we are so wrapped up in it that we don’t use our mouths to express our feelings.

It amazes me how addicted we’ve all become to social media, I don’t even think I could go a day without checking something…what if something major happens and I am unaware as its been posted on Facebook and not told to my face or over the phone?

What do you guys thinks? Is this a problem now? 

Love always xx