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52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 12 – Social Media Phenomenon

Hey guys,  So I enquired about a course at work this week and it looks like they are going to let me do it which is amazing and I'm so looking forward to studying again. This week's post is all... Continue Reading →

52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 11 – Music of My Heart

Hey Guys, So just a little update before getting on to today's post, I passed my last grading so I am now a 5th grade blue belt and it was my highest percentage score, 73% out of 100% 🙂 I... Continue Reading →

52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 2 – My Favourite Things

Hey Guys, so I'm a day late in posting as I've been super busy! 😦 So I'm back again with Britt and Jenny for week two of my 52 week blog challenge! If you want to take part, all you... Continue Reading →

The Overtones at Christmas

Hey Guys, So today I am reviewing The Overtones, 5 handsome men (from l-r Darren, Mike, Timmy, Lachie and Mark) with 5 beautiful voices! I went to see this group for the 3rd time on Saturday 17 December at Indigo... Continue Reading →

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Hi Guys, I, along with most of the world's population, am obsessed with Harry Potter. Not the merchandise side as much, (although I have got certain items which I love!) but the books and the movies. I have read the... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys, Let's talk about one of my hobbies today - Kickboxing! So I have always wanted to do Kickboxing - more so than any other martial art! Probably because it is not just about punching or kicking but a... Continue Reading →

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