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52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 10 – Oh To Win A Million Pounds

Hey Guys, As promised, this is my second post today to make up for my complete lack of brainpower last week. I took my mum to see Olly Murs last Thursday at the O2 for her birthday; she completely loved... Continue Reading →

52 Week Blog Challenge: Week 4 – Top Five Places I’d Like To Visit

Hey Guys So week 4 of my 52 week blog challenge is here 🙂 I hope everyone has had a good week and it's not been too stressful. I'm back with Britt and Jenny and if you would like to... Continue Reading →

My Beautiful Best Friend

Hey Guys Today i thought i would do something a bit different. I decided to write a page on my best friend! We have been friends for 5 years now and I couldn't imagine a better Best Friend to have.... Continue Reading →


Hey guys,    N.B why can't these idiots spell?! This shit makes me sick....I'm fed up of seeing stuff like this all over social media!  Men should not be made to feel like crap because they can't buy their girl... Continue Reading →

Von Willebrand’s Disease

Hi Guys, I'm sure you are all wondering what on earth vWD is....I know I did the first time they told me the name. It started when I was 12 (boys look away now if you don't like talk of... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, What constitutes happiness? Is it how good our career is? Is it finding that one person who is the other half of your soul? Is it a certain song at the right time? Happiness is not measurable by... Continue Reading →

Hello world!…Today’s Topic: Rumours!

Hi Guys, I came across a picture today regarding hearing rumours in a relationship. First off, I have dealt with this in my own relationship and I can safely say that we are still together after 6 years even though others tried to write us off.

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